Friday, 12 December 2008

Love comes quickly

These are strange days for someone like me, someone obsessed with youth, who is not able to find himself right now. Feeling like I don't belong, walking around, all alone, looking for this loneliness all the time, and thinking if that's the right thing to do. The need for freedom is too deep and I imagine myself soaring all over the world with my soul as a single colleague. Sometimes I'd just like to quit, so so far away but I wonder if there will be a place where I find myself. The thing is I'm not quite sure I will find myself in a place or even here inside of me, for many times I take advantage of this thing of mine to get out of a situation with someone who's maybe worth to know. From some months ago, I've been thinking I'm totally wrong and it could sound silly but yesterday while I was listening to "love comes quickly" I realized my suspects went on the right way. I couldn't believe it at all, it seemed they were singing directly to me, talking to me, about me..!

Sooner or later, this happens to everyone, to everyone,
You can live your life lonely, heavy as stone, live your life learning, and working alone.
Say this is all you want, but I don't believe that is true, cause when you least expect it, waiting round the corner for you
Love comes quickly, whatever you do
You can't stop falling.
Anyway, it's always nice to know somebody loves you and that's just what I'm trying to say. 

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