Tuesday, 30 December 2008

saying goodbye to 08! (under the shower)

Now is the time to take a look back to yesterday. Once again, a year has passed by and I see how much I changed. change, change, change thanks to exist! I would probably get mad if I was not able to change, step by step, turning myself into that man I dreamt once. 08 has been, until now, the weirdest year to define; it seemed it would be a great year, living alone, learning from experience... but it was not exactly as I expected. I had everythingI ever wished for, but it was not the right moment for that. Nevertheless these lasts months have been the best in quite long time!!! So I can't help thinking this year wating round the corner will be plenty of more great surprises... 
anyway let's the moon decide for us.  Meanwhile I will keep on trying my best as if everyday was the first of my life. I wish you an exciting new year's eve!! And according to the stars 09 is the best year to fall in love so I wish you a year full full full of L.O.V.E!

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