Tuesday, 6 January 2009

since, then

You can not pretend everything is as used to be. Those days were gone and now I'm all alone, in the same city, but without them. I couldn't begin the year better though, being fucking cold but happy to be once again with my londoners. I spent the whole weekend at Camden, first on my own, then with Effeh and I promise, I've never been so cold, ever. The frezzing cold gets all over your body from fingers to feet, so we had to buy a kind of warm freaky thing, you just click the coin inside and starts spreadind a liquid that make it warm and warm. Today I've gone to Harrods where I bought my mum her favourite perfume channel nº5 and then, near there, I bought myself the boots I was looking for, for ages. I spent the afternoon at downtown, took a class at pineapple and I strain my legs a bit but as Taf said just a minute ago I'm dying to go out, so tonight, in a few hours I'll be on the dancefloor at bungalow8.

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